Welcome to Pactriglo. 

We are boutique custom data shop for real estate investors.

Unique? We thought so too. That's exactly why we created a word to brand our work, Pactriglo. Because sometimes what you need is a bit of this, a bit of that, and something else all mixed into the same data file. And that's what we do.

You have probably tried to do it yourself but run into some realities managing Big Data integration. Like finding primary source data. Or data files too large to easily manage or manipulate.

What about polygon land information files? Do you have time to learn complicated GIS and expensive software required to build a custom layered data lake? Can you also program software to run calculations and measurements over multi-layered geospatial data?

What about predictive analytics?

You know it's out there but do you have any idea how that can be applied to real estate investments? We do. Let us help guide you to the places you want to be.

What Others Say

“The most granular information on urban infill that I have seen”

— Jeff Meyers, Meyers Research

“A fantastic resource!”

— Nick Zaharov, Carmel Partners

“We believe it is the most comprehensive data set in the market.”

— Jack Kirkpatrick, Red Hook Capital
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