Client Projects

We love our clients. They get it.

Here are a few of our most challenging client projects:

Street Frontage -- The City of Los Angeles Bureau of Engineering's Lot Line geospatial information file contains over two million individual lines.

Lot Lines facing a right-of-way are labelled as such, but that labelling does not distinguish the street-facing Lot Lines from all the rest. Meaning, a Lot Line labelled as right-of-way facing could face an alley or other non-street right-of way.

Pactriglo used GIS software to eliminate alley-facing Lot Lines and identify street-facing Lot Lines then assigned the remaining Lot Lines to County Parcels.

Multifamily Rentals with Condo Mapping -- Our client wanted to identify multifamily buildings currently operating as rental properties.

Pactriglo obtained the comprehensive file of all condo map cases dating back to the start of City Planning's electronic record keeping system. 

The raw data from City Planning required Geo-coding -- that's the process of assigning coordinate location (i.e. longitude and latitude) to data that does not have it. Geo-coding the data allowed us to plot the condo map cases on top of the County Assessor's Parcel Map

That allowed us to then Geo-Join the data and sort based upon the properties not currently operating as condominiums using the County Assessor's Use Codes.

What We Have Done

For Alchemy Media, Pactriglo researched Los Angeles building permits and city planning cases to generate potential leads for Alchemy's barrier advertising operations.

— Customer Since 2017

For Gensler, Pactriglo supported research into innovative ways to rapidly build Permanent Supportive Housing to aid Los Angeles' homelessness epidemic.

— Customer Since 2017

For Skid Row Housing Trust, Pactriglo built a search tool to support their search for Permanent Supportive Housing sites in each of Los Angeles' City Council Districts.

— Customer Since 2018
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