Pactriglo is a part of the Greater Los Angeles community. Pactriglo is part of the real estate technology community. Pactriglo is part of the data science community. Pactriglo is part of the GIS education community.


Our founder, Benjamin Pezzillo, volunteered as a teaching assistant for an undergraduate senior-level special topic Computer Information Systems class on Business GIS at California State University Los Angeles for the Spring 2020 semester.

Students chose their own teams and picked from two projects outlined by the LA Mayor's Office and their Data Science Federation challenge. After presenting their semester projects via Zoom to City Officials, hand-picked students were offered internships with the Mayor's Office.


Mr. Pezzillo presented at OmniSci's first-ever super user conference held at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California. You can watch the entire presentation here.


Pactriglo's key staff are regular attendees at local government and political events related to real estate development and housing in Los Angeles. At right, Mayor Eric Garcetti invited Pactriglo to attend a forum on Homeless Housing held at the Getty House in 2019.

In 2018, our founder Benjamin Pezzillo volunteered and was selected to be the co-chair of the Los Feliz Neighborhood Council's Planning and Land Use Management Committee. Mr. Pezzillo now serves on the committee as a member.


A dispute arose in 2018 about the impact of the Expo Corridor Transit Neighborhood Plan on the number of dwelling units that were initially proposed under the rezoning.

Pactriglo was contacted by a non-profit housing advocacy group and asked to perform an independent study on the current capacity of the multifamily zoning.

Pactriglo was able to identify the potential increases to the capacity under two different version of the transit neighborhood plan. This allowed the public and decision makers to be fully informed about the adopted plan.
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