Frequently Answered Queries

Q: What does the word "Pactriglo" mean?

A: We made it up. It's the first three letters of three words that we felt defined our firm.

Pac = PACific -- Our base, Los Angeles. We know it. We know it well.
Tri = TRIdent -- Our ability to pinpoint information among the sea of it.
Glo = GLObal -- Our worldview, how does what we do make the world a better place?

Pronounced PAC-trig-lo, as a synthetic word it was easy to secure social media handles and search engine results. So remember, wherever you see the word Pactriglo, it's us.

Q: Where do you "pull" your data?

A: Technically, we don't "pull" data from anywhere.

That is to say, the custom databases we build are not dependent upon the day-to-day reliability of government agency APIs or file paths.

However, government data is our raw ingredient. And we source it from the government agency that produces it. In other words, if we build a database that needs Los Angeles County Assessor data as a part of the analysis, then we get the data directly from the Assessor -- not a third party.

It's this "primary source" or "data of record" methodology that is the beginning of how we are different that other real estate information services you have used.

Q: So if you are using Open Data that is available to the public, why do we need to pay you?

A: Our ability to work with Big Data (e.g. data for the City of Los Angeles) to your benefit is part of our value proposition.

Our knowledge of local government agencies and the data those folks produce is vast. Meaning, we know where to look for data and more importantly, what it means or represents in terms of fulfilling your business intelligence needs. And if we can't get data over-the-counter that we know exists, our clients appreciate that we can make a California Public Records Act request without their direct involvement.

Most of our clients have either conceptualized or tried to build their own 'master database' of various information. Sometimes they become our clients after they have reached a hurdle of some type -- technical knowledge, computer capacity, or the ability to work with GIS data.

Q: How do you work with a client?

A: Most of our clients are referred to use through our network. We usually set up a initial phone call or live online demo. You can actually sign-up for an initial demo and consultation using our Calendly app. If your firm is based in Southern California, we can also schedule a visit to your office.

After we get a sense of what you are trying to accomplish, we work out a proposal that estimates our fees. If we move forward, we draft a Statement of Work for your review and then we take a deposit to start work.

Think of us as a custom tailor. You are going to want some idea of what you want. Then we will provide you with an array of options. 

Q: What exactly are your deliverables?

A: That's up to you.

Your data can arrive in a spreadsheet file with fields specifically arranged and labeled how you want them.

Or we can build-out a visualization interface for your Big Data set using OmniSci -- a cloud-based GPU-driven data software that will allow you to drive queries across tens of millions of data points in split seconds. We will work with you to customize and get you confident with the interface then be there when you need help during the term of our client relationship.

Both is an option too.

Q: Does your data include the contact information of property owners?

A: Yes and no. We provide the Mailing Address of the property owners.

For example, if you want a list of all the R3 lots in the City of Los Angeles with only one unit currently on them but you want to exclude certain overlays (e.g. HPOZ) -- we do that. The data will include the information for mailing address that the County Assessor has on file at the time we build your data.

And to be clear, we do not provide phone numbers, email addresses, or mortgage data for properties. There are other services that do that better. Our focus is on sighting the sites for you based upon the criteria critical to your product type's formula for success.

If you elect our Assemblage analysis it will include the consolidated names of the owners of all properties that touch a parcel.

Q: What does all of this cost?

A: Depends.

We are a custom service. And we are a high ticket knowledge-based service involving Tradecraft and Proprietary Methods. We are not a time and materials business model. 

We are also a boutique. Our clients get high levels of service through the build-out of their and amazing attention to details. 

As such, we may reject potential clients depending upon our production workload or our ability to perform your customized work to our standard of excellence. And we reserve the right to refuse service to any potential client. 

Q: Who is using Pactriglo's services?

A: It's complicated.

The clients identified on our website all agreed to share their quotes or project details. Some of our clients are private and we respect their desire that we operate on their behalf without public acknowledgement. 


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