Knowing the value of data generated by local government agencies and how to get that data is one thing.

Knowing how to add value to that data is another.

Pactriglo realized that property owners can often own neighboring properties. More importantly perhaps, that technology could identify these existing Assemblages of contiguous properties under the same ownership.

And in early 2018, Pactriglo unveiled its advanced analysis of neighboring property ownership in Los Angeles. Pactriglo has since performed a similar analysis of New York City that includes unused FAR (air rights).


Pactriglo's proprietary Python coding gathers the ownership information for each parcel that touches the Key Parcel (the parcel being analyzed).

This information is gathered for every property in the city being analyzed. Even with a high-speed computer Pactriglo's Assemblage analysis of Los Angeles can take a full day to complete!

That data is then analyzed to identify where the same Owner of Record owns property neighboring the Key Parcel. Each Key Parcel is then scored based upon the number of neighboring parcels identified with the same Owner of Record.

Powerful GPU-based software is then used to filter through these findings for patches of property under the control of the same ownership.

While not necessarily ground-breaking technology, Pactriglo specializes in computing the zoning capacity of property.

These computations are done on a citywide basis. When coupled with powerful GPU-based software, that allows the identification of properties under-utilizing their existing zoning. When coupled with our Assemblage analysis, Pactriglo has built a data tool allowing you to identify the 'gems' of real estate.

Our customers can then target the properties that match their project goals and focus their outreach resources.
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